The Ultimate BBQ Adventure


BBQAMP Is Three Days of food, fire, and Friends

BBQAMP (pronounced bar-buh-camp) is a three-day barbecue getaway. Each camp is located in a specific region of the United States, and highlights the techniques, flavors, producers, and cooks/chefs that makes each unique. The camps feature cooking classes, barbecue tours, craft beer and whisky tastings, and plenty of time to hang with others that share a passion for fire, food, and friendship. There’s no better way to bring people together than over great barbecue.

BBQAMP is curated and hosted by the barbecue obsessed Greg Hoy.


 Is It For You?

Do you answer “yes”?

  1. Do you post pictures of BBQ a lot?

  2. Do you want to cook better?

  3. Do you smell like wood smoke?

  4. Do you enjoy whisky and craft beer?

  5. Do you like meeting new people?

  6. Is brisket your spirit animal?

  7. Do you enjoy leisure?

  8. Do you like to just show up and eat?

  9. Do you seek BBQ when you travel?

  10. Do salads sometimes make you angry?

BBQAMP Dallas Logo.png


March 21-24 2019
Dallas-Fort Worth

Join us for the inaugural BBQAMP in Dallas-Fort Worth, where central Texas style barbecue reigns supreme. Over the course of three days, attend a day-long class with BBQ pitmaster Matt Pittman, sample craft whiskeys at Firestone & Robinson Whiskey Ranch, go on barbecue tour of Fort Worth, and enjoy private dinners at some of Dallas’ best spots. It’s an event you won’t forget.

This is genius.
— Attendee