Your Host


Greg Hoy

Hello all. I’m your BBQAMP cruise director, Greg Hoy. I have been obsessed with grilling, smoking, and barbecue for about 25 years. It sort of began in the early 90s, when I started throwing annual backyard barbecues. Since those days, cooking food over fire and smoke has turned into a serious obsession for me. While I’m not a competition cook, I’d consider myself an “advanced backyard enthusiast,” if that’s even a term. It’s not just a weekend thing for me, it’s any day of the week, any time of year. My next-door neighbor always says to me in January, “I like that you grill in the winter, good for you!” I mean, how could you not?

A Smidgen of Backstory

I ran a digital studio called Happy Cog for 12 years (it was just acquired by Vector Media Group in November 2018). As a side project in 2012, I co-founded an event called Owner Camp, where we brought agency owners/founders together to discuss the highs and lows of running small studios. It was very successful, and that “experiment” is thriving as the Bureau of Digital. I was always inspired by the relationships people forged at Bureau events, and surprisingly found myself enjoying event planning (lots of moving parts, good for my OCD). But I realized the basis of the format we created could be used for, well, anything. Even barbecue. Ding ding!

Also, my pal J Cornelius puts on a fantastic event called Web Whisky Weekend, and the spirit of that gathering certainly inspired BBQAMP in its own way. It’s really about people enjoying other people’s company, away from the daily grind, in a super-relaxing environment, with no strings attached.


I’m also a craft beer and whisky enthusiast, with whisky perhaps commanding more of my attention in recent years. It’s no coincidence that beer and whisky are components of BBQAMP as well. Again, it’s all about tasting, learning, and relaxing.

My BBQ Journey

Here are a few shots that document my BBQ journey over the past few years:

And if you follow me on Instagram, you know all too well how into this subject matter I am. A smattering of my BBQ and beverage-centric posts:

I created BBQAMP because this is the event I want to go to myself. And each BBQAMP is different, focusing on the cooking styles and nuances of each region, tailoring each experience to take full advantage of it. I’m excited you’re here, and I look forward to experiencing the world of fire and food with you.